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Bankruptcy Workshops in Jacksonville

Conducted by Jacksonville Bankruptcy Law Firm

How did I end up in bankruptcy and how do I make certain it doesn’t happen again?

WHO: Workshop is available for the clients of the Bankruptcy Law Firm of Lansing Roy, P.A. who are interested in acquiring tools to help them in their economic fresh start.

WHEN: Workshop is broken up into four one-hour sessions held on Tuesday nights beginning at 7:00 p.m. sharp and concluding around 8:15 p.m. Workshops are held in odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September, November).

WHERE: The workshop is held in our lobby.

HOW: Call our office at 904-391-0030 if you are interested in attending the workshop. We recommend that you start with Session 1 since there will be some carry-over from prior lessons in each session.

COST: FREE. There is no cost to the clients of this law firm.

Session 1: What In The Heck Happened? (First Tuesday)

  • Avoiding common debt traps
  • Debt slavery
  • Watch out for low monthly payments
  • How much does it cost to buy on credit?
  • When to grab your wallet and run
  • What about a lease?
  • Are debt consolidation loans a good idea?
  • Stop beating yourself up
  • Overcoming the road blocks to financial freedom.

Session 2: What Can I Do Differently Now? (Second Tuesday)

  • Living on cash
  • Expect the unexpected—be ready for unexpected expenses
  • Breaking credit bondage
  • How to live better on less money
  • Food expenses-money in one end and out the other
  • Finding the holes where the money leaks out
  • Never fear bills again.

Session 3: Damage Control (Third Tuesday)

  • Cleaning up credit report
  • Your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Back in the saddle—re-establishing responsible credit
  • Don’t fall in the same traps.

Session 4: Financial Resources For The Future (Fourth Tuesday)

  • Auto financing briefly covered
  • Position yourself for a low cost, A+ mortgage loan
  • Avoid hidden mortgage costs and reduce closing costs


Thomas R. Abbott.  Tom is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh (BA, MA). He retired as a Navy Commander after a 20-year career as a Naval Intelligence Officer. His experience includes time as a licensed life insurance agent, a credit counselor, and a mortgage loan officer. He joined the firm as a bankruptcy paralegal in 1997.