Bankruptcy Courts Changing Requirements to Help with Social Distancing

The United States Bankruptcy Court system has taken multiple steps to make filing a bankruptcy and obtaining a discharge of debts safer for debtors during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Among such recent changes, the Courts have entered certain administrative orders which:

  • Waive the ‘original signature’ requirement, meaning that debtors can provide their attorneys with consent or electronic signatures on filings and pleadings rather than having to meet in-person;
  • Allow telephonic appearances at certain hearings and court proceedings;
  • Limited or waived in-person attendance at certain hearings and court proceedings; &
  • Continue certain hearings and court proceedings to future dates.

While this list is not complete and changes vary from district to district, it is clear that the Bankruptcy Courts are unified in making sure the current COVID-19 pandemic does not limit individuals from seeking assistance and relief.

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