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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Small Businesses Re-Organize to Pay Off Debt

Like many consumers, Florida businesses also been affected by the recent financial crisis.  While some businesses closed their doors others sought refuge in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The process for filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is similar to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  The business debtor files a plan to restructure and pay off debt.  Some small […]

Facing Foreclosure? How to Avoid Foreclosure Relief Scams

Florida has the highest number of foreclosures in America. Moreover, 7 cities in the Sunshine State made the top 10 list of metro cities with highest rates of foreclosure.  Jacksonville placed at number 8. Recent statistics show that foreclosure proceedings affected 1 in every 202 homes in Jacksonville. With statistics like these, homeowners facing the […]

The Bankruptcy Process: Frequently Asked Questions

Even as the economy shows signs of recovery, consumer debt reached record high levels last quarter relative to disposable income. According to a study by the Federal Reserve , consumer indebtedness totaled $11.34 trillion.  These figures could indicate that more people will turn to bankruptcy for debt relief. Bankruptcy is a household term, yet most […]